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Singers and Pianists!

Start looking forward to 2015!

Lied Austria International has decided to take a vacation in 2014.

2015 will bring even more focus to our specialty,
the Text-Music Connection,
to make Lied truly complete!


This is LAI:

Wolfgang Lockemann
Artistic Director

Tracy Brighty
Executive Director


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"Is it the words that move my heart, or is it the music?... It is vain to try to separate these two: words and music have melted into one, fused into a new whole."

Clemens Krauss/
Richard Strauss

"If you have nothing
to say to me, you have nothing to sing to me either."

Johann Michael Vogl

The first professional Schubert singer

"Right away I got the sense of how important this program is - and how important I was to the program."

– LAI Participant

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